I specialise in both hand-drawn and digital art in various styles, which will really make you stand out from the crowd!

My illustrations will add personality to you and your business with:

  • Packaging illustration - to add a bespoke personalised feel to your your product

  • T-shirt graphics - for corporate and sports events, or all-over seamless patterns for a new clothing range

  • Character design -  to support your company brand or explain a new product idea, and staff avatars to make your website and literature friendly and personable

  • Food illustration - for restaurant wallpaper, soft furnishings and furniture, blogs, cookery books, food and drink product packaging and eyecatching menu design

Contact me to see how I can bring your illustration ideas to life.


Many of my designs are available to purchase from my Design Bundles store. As the name suggests, you will find bundles of colourful patterns, illustrations and clipart packs, samples of which are below. You can visit my store from here.

All illustrations and images on this site are protected by © copyright by Jo Rymell and cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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